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The trend for Bitcoin trading leads toward trading robots. While we might consider this a threat, it can be the saving force for Bitcoin. Bitcoin suffers from high volatility or Beta as explained earlier. Trading robots can reduce this volatility. Trading robots, or software, that tie into trading exchanges via Application Development (Programming) Interfaces, will make frequent small trades when there is movement in the market either up or down. These frequent trades for small gains (and losses), are called scalping trades. They steady the market considerably because price movements immediately result in buys or sells against the move.

We can buy or sell Bitcoins with anyone who is willing to transact with us. For instance, we could buy Bitcoins from one of bitcoins trading site. Online prices are more consistent, as we would expect. We could also simply buy Bitcoins online and then sell them locally for a small mark-up. This seems to be the simple trading system of choice.

Our best opportunity for trading with Bitcoins involves online only trading. We will buy BTC with our national currency through a trading exchange, and then sell BTC for either our own national currency, or another national currency.

The difference between the BTC Buy price and the BTC Sell price is called the “spread.” It is also sometimes known as the Bid/Ask spread. Bid for what buyers are willing to pay, and Ask for what sellers are willing to sell at.

The good news here is that trading Bitcoins is not administratively expensive. The In/Out costs or round trip are less than 1% of the trade, and often free. Some stock, options, and commodities traders can see In/Out costs between bid/ask, commissions, and exchange fees of closer to 3% or higher.Trading on other Bitcoin exchanges operates in a similar fashion.

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