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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why Darkcoin Value is Surging Constantly?

darkcoin - b8coin exchange
When the first ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin was born, its critics had openly called it the currency for criminals. And Bitcoin indeed had some embarrassing records, like it being used by underground marketplaces like Silk Road for selling drugs and other sorts of illegal substances. But with time, the coin was able to lose its ‘illegal’ tag and gradually came into mainstream trading, with US and other countries taxing rather than banning it. Though, it further put the implications on Bitcoiners to reveal their payments to the government – a thing which clearly defies the concept of digital currencies.

Then came Darkcoin, a new kind of cryptocurrency that promised to offer users far-grater anonymity than Bitcoin, and other fellow altcoins. While other coins’ blockchains are certainly visible to the snoopers, Darkcoin covers the blockchain with an extra security layer that mixes up different transactions to keep them invisible from the onlookers.

Many experts have recently pointed out the loopholes in Bitcoin’s blockchain. While with Darkcoin, it is nearly impossible to figure which user received which transaction. This feature of Darkcoin has slowly captured the minds of miners, which has ultimately resulted into a jaw-dropping surge in its value and market cap; and they are not going down if you trust our analysis.

darkcoin - b8coin exchange

The reason for such a rocking performance is not just the promises of keeping transactions untraceable, but also the overall functionality of Darkcoin. The other best attractive feature this four-month-old coin brings is the ability to be mined via CPU, especially in times when expensive ASIC machines and GPU cards are giving nightmares to traditional miners. This feature also comes handy keeping the upcoming summers in mind. So indeed, it’s a bang for a buck for Darkcoin miners.

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There is also one distinctive feature of Darkcoin that might be the major reason behind its sky-rocketing surge in recent days. This feature is called “Master nodes” – a set of coordinators that manages the Darkcoin transactions. Any normal user can make its computer a master node to coordinate the transactions, in return of which it receives special rewards (10% of coins added to the network). This technique also keeps the supply of Darkcoin minimal, which ultimately helps its price to increase.

With its impeccable performance in the cryptocurrency market, we are sure that Darkcoin is not another pump-and-dump scheme created to fool users. Instead, this coin is really true in terms of its features. We are sure that in near future, it will gain more acceptance in mainstream markets. Although, it can be misused as well by the black markets – a thing which ‘unethically’ will help it to rise further. reporter of the story: Yashu Gola at yashu@forexminute.com

images by: bitcointalk.org


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