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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NewYorkCoin - Latest Litecoin-Inspired Cryptocurrency

April 17, 2014
B8coin.com – It has been over a month since its launch and yet there hasn’t been much buzz about NewYorkCoin in the cryptocurrency markets. Despite the fact that this part-Litecoin-part-Dogecoin inspired alt-coin has squeezed its way in cryptocurrency exchanges like BITTREX, Xnigma and Bleutrade, NewYorkCoin is still an unknown currency to many. 

Even a CTRL +F on the famous Coin Market Cap couldn’t find it in the top 100. But that doesn’t mean the currency has come and gone erratically. Instead, we at ForexMinute believe that NewYorkCoin is not relying on quick-fame like its other counterparts, and is rather working towards building a scholastic community of Bitcoin believers in New York. The digital coin is far-sighted and has chosen the economy center of America to launch itself, which by chance is also the city which will soon host graduate-level Bitcoin courses.

NewYorkCoin is the idea of New York Foundation – a community that is working towards bringing digital currency enthusiasts, including miners, entrepreneurs, investors, merchants, and developers under one roof. The community is ready to give alternate options to New Yorkers the way they have been using their money. And they are indeed working innovatively to reach people.Renowned altcoin exchanges like Cryptsy, CryptoRush and MintPal have shown interest in adding NewYorkCoin to their portfolio. 

Furthermore, there are “other promotions or bounties offered as well which include a sign up bonus of 10,000,000NYC and the NYC sticker that can be posted in their window to the first 100 merchants who accept the coins. The maximum coin number is 100 billion,” as stated in the NewYorkCoin’s press release.

Another wonderful example of NewYorkCoin’s innovative promotional scheme is them including
free 1,000,000NYC if a New Yorker is able to find the photo of newyorkco.in stickers that are
posted around Manhattan. The cryptocurrency can also be mined for 0% pool fee.

Want to mine NewYorkCoin?
NewYorkCoin is based onLitecoin’s Scrypt Algorithm, with a mere 30 seconds block time. The
maximum number of NewYorkCoins that can be mined is 10 billion. It’s one block, which has
over 907k NewYorkCoins is pre-mined and will be returned to community via bounties,
giveaways, faucets, and other means. “Through promotions and bounties the foundation plans to establish a base for wide spread acceptance of the currency and provide an enhanced user
experience as well,” says one of the representatives from the New York Foundation.
[reporter of the story: Yashu Gola at yashu@forexminute.com]

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