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Sunday, January 6, 2013


buy and sell bitcoin

Veermo offers the most convenient and secure way to buy digital currencies and tokens in exchange for national currencies.

Address: 448 S. Hill St, Ste. 418 Los Angeles CA 90013 United States
Tel. no. 213-640-8007
Email:  info@veermo.com
Website: www.veermo.com

About Veermo
Our platform is the most effective alternative to online and P2P exchanges. Funds are transferred directly to user's wallet, eliminating the exposure to possible online hacking. No need to wait for weeks to get an approval from an exchange for trading. No money transfer clearing delays and missed investment opportunities. No account freezing risks. Enjoy full control over your assets. Veermo is the most user-friendly environment to buy digital currencies and tokens of your choice.

Instantly accessible
Simply sign up using Veermo app or website and gain access to cryptocurrency purchases. Instantly receive your order to any desired wallet address.

Truly convenient
Buy digital currencies in-person at your preferred location, buy instantly using your debit and credit card, visit one of our bitcoin ATMs, use escrow service, or contact our over-the-counter desk.  

Secure and Easy
We do not store your funds making purchases secure and direct. Our platform and app are one of the most intuitive to use. We take usability seriously.

Regulated and transparent
We are a regulated and transparent entity, meaning you can trust us. We have the highest level of compliance standards integrated into all our services.


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